Tuesday, October 24, 2006

David Brooks on Thinning the Herd

David Brooks, the token conservative at the New York Times has written eloquently on why he thinks we need RINOs in the party.

With respect to a rhetorical question posed by Rush Limbaugh:
Why have 55 Republican senators? Why not 25? Why not 15 brave and true? Throw in a few dozen pure-minded Republican House members and you could hold the next Republican convention in a living room.

We only need 40 "brave and true" Republicans in the Senate who could block almost anything. If they are really brave and true, they would not back down. Gridlock is good compared to the total meltdown we have now with new tone Republicans running everything.

He also gives props to his paper, The Treason Times:
As insular Democrats know little about what life is like in flyover country, so insular Republicans know little about how people think in the suburban Northeast, where blue New York Times delivery bags dot the driveways each morn.

The stock price above closely follows their circulation. Is this who Brooks and the RINOs want to bet the future on? It is better to have a principled obstructionist minority than what is there now. There should be a glut of empty blue bags on the market soon.


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